Reviews – takahē 90

 WELCOME to takahē 90, August, 2017.

We hope you will read and enjoy the contents of this issue – a sampling of some of the best creative and critical writing emerging from our communities in the heart of winter.

Jane Carswell, Talk of Treasure.  Wellington, Eastbourne: Submarine, an imprint of Mākaro Press (2016). RRP: $35. Pb, 258pp. ISBN: 9780994137913. Reviewed by Jessie Neilson.

John Dickson, Mister Hamilton. Auckland: AUP (2016). RRP: $24.99. Pb, 84pp. ISBN: 9781869408558. Reviewed by Patricia Prime.

Bill Direen, Enclosures 2. Dunedin: Percutio (2016). RRP: $24.95. Pb, 86pp. ISBN: 9791091280044. Reviewed by Erik Kennedy.

Brentley Frazer, Aboriginal to Nowhere. Wellington: HeadworX (2016). RRP: $25. Pb, 90pp. ISBN: 9780473365677. Reviewed by Patricia Prime.

Paula Green, New York Pocket Book. Wellington: Seraph Press (2016). RRP: $30. Pb, 80pp. ISBN: 9780994134523. Reviewed by Erik Kennedy.

Vaughan Gunson, Big Love Songs. Whangarei: Vaughan Gunson[1] (2016). RRP: $25. Pb, 50pp. ISBN: 9780473334499. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell.

Rob Hack, Everything is Here. Wellington: Escalator Press (2016). RRP: $25. Pb, pp 94. ISBN: 9780994118677. Reviewed by Janet Newman.

Jeffrey Paparoa Holman, Blood Ties: new and selected poems, 1963-2016. Christchurch: CUP (2017). RRP: $25. Pb, 167pp.
ISBN: 9781927145883. Reviewed by Patricia Prime.

Jan Hutchinson, The Happiness of Rain. Wellington: Steele Aotearoa (2012). RRP: $19. 99. Pb, 64pp. ISBN: 9781877577734. Reviewed by Patricia Prime.

Gerri Kimber and Claire Davison, editors. The Collected Poems of Katherine Mansfield 1898-1922. Dunedin: OUP (2016). RRP: $35. Hb, 224pp. ISBN: 9781877578816
Sarah Laing Mansfield and Me: A Graphic Memoir. Wellington: VUP (2016). RRP: $25. Pb, 336pp.  ISBN: 9781776560691. Reviewed by Olivia Macassey.

Rebecca Larsen, Hoe, hoe, hoea te waka Row, Row, Row Your Waka, author and illustrator, Justin Kereama and Tania Solomons, Translators, Paul Inia, Singer, Richard Larsen, Musician. Te Reo Maori / English text and CD. Auckland: David Bateman (2016). RRP: $19.99. pp36. ISBN: 9781869539573. Reviewed by Cassandra Fusco.

Wes Lee, Shooting Gallery. Wellington: Steele Roberts Aotearoa (2016). RRP: $19.99. Pb, 67pp. ISBN: 9780947493233. Reviewed by Carolyn McCurdie.

Stephen Oliver, GONE: Satirical Poems: New & Selected. Auckland: Greywacke Press (2016). Amazon: RRP: $9.95. Pb, 78pp. ISBN: 9780473360047. Reviewed by Patricia Prime.

Alan Roddick, Getting It Right: Poems 1968–2015. Dunedin: OUP (2016). RRP: $25. 90pp. ISBN: 9781927322659. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell.

Jane Simpson, A world without maps. Brisbane: Interactive Publications (2016). RRP: $27. Pb, 66pp; $15. eBook. ISBN: 9781925231373. Reviewed by Patricia Prime.

Elizabeth Stanley, The Road to Hell, State Violence against Children in Postwar New Zealand. Auckland: AUP (2016). RRP: $45. Pb, pp296. ISBN: 9781869408541. Reviewed by Marie Connolly.

MaryJane Thomson, Songs of the City. Wellington: HeadworX (2016). RRP: $30. Pb, 86pp. ISBN: 9780473365660. Reviewed by Patricia Prime.

Alexandra Tidswell, Lewisville. Wellington, Eastbourne: Submarine, an imprint of Mākaro Press (2016). RRP: $35.  Pb/flaps, pp380. ISBN: 97809941237906. Reviewed by Elizabeth Coleman.




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