Sharnae Beardsley, “Untitled 310712” (2012). Ink and watercolour on paper. 690 x 530mm. Private collection. Welcome to takahē 87 – the first online issue of takahē magazine. After twenty-seven years in print, we’re delighted to be able to extend the range and reach of the magazine by venturing into the digital world. The online format will enable us to escape some of print’s restrictions – space is no longer a major factor, so longer works can be accepted for publication. It allows us to link reviews directly to publishers, and opens up new possibilities for the presentation of art. It also brings the content within easy reach of a much broader audience, which is one of our primary aims – to showcase the best literary, artistic and critical works of Aotearoa New Zealand, by both established and emerging artists. But also to include work from overseas contributors – art is a conversation, and what better way to learn and grow than by involving a multiplicity of voices?

Leading the way for this issue are our guests – writer Nod Ghosh, poet Rhian Gallagher and artist Sharnae Beardsley. We also include the results and the two winning entries from the 2016 Short Story competition, which judge Anna Rogers describes respectively as ‘compelling’ and ‘deceptively simple’. Our contributors come from across New Zealand and range from those making their first appearance in publication, to one who appeared in the first issue of takahē!

In addition to the print and online magazine,the takahē website features regular blog posts – a chance for readers and writers to comment on what they like, or dislike, or are furiously non-commital about. Wonder what a reference is to in a particular story? Why not ask? Really loved a poem? A piece of art? Say so! Adored an essay? A review? Be part of the conversation – leave a comment, and/or subscribe to the blog to get regular takahē updates, free of charge, direct to your inbox.

We are grateful for continued funding from Creative New Zealand Toi Aotearoa, which allows us to pay our contributors for the online as well as print issues. The December issue of takahē will again be a print magazine. This mix of print and online issues will continue in 2017.

So, read and enjoy, FB and Twitter and tell your friends about takahē online.

Karen Zelas (Chair of Takahē Collective Board) and Joanna Preston (Webmistress)