t. 93, Michael Botur, Lowlife

Lowlife, Short Stories by  Michael Botur. available from Amazon.com and www.NZShortStories.com RRP: $24.99. Pb, 250pp. ISBN: 13: 9781547018598. Reviewed by Jeremy Roberts. Lowlife is a collection of sixteen funny, edgy short stories from Mike Botur that can be taken as a ‘tip of the hat’ to the strugglers and ‘losers’ of our society. That is not to

Michael Botur

Michael Botur’s mind was fashioned by his formative years in Hillmorton, Christchurch. He now lives in Whangarei. Botur is author of three short story collections and three novels which publishers have rejected. Fingers crossed for the fourth novel. “Dreams can provide extremely strong emotions to draw on for creative writing. Some which can inspire excellent

Michael Botur – Spitshine

Spitshine by Michael Botur Charleston, South Carolina CreateSpace (2015). Available from Amazon.com NZ$10.28 exc. shipping. Pb, 194pp. ISBN: 9781508840206. Reviewed by Patricia Prime.   Spitshine is the third fiction collection from New Zealand writer Michael Botur. Botur works as a casual journalist and copywriter and his work has been published in a variety of newspapers. His

takahe 93 – August 2018

  Editorial: Gail Ingram Guest Art: Jane Zusters Guest Fiction: Sarah Laing Guest Poetry: Karen Zelas Competitions: The 2018 Poetry Competition is closing on August 31st Fiction: Cathy Adams – Driving Out The Silence Lawrence Chizak – My Devil and Me Stephen Coates – At the End of the Day Nod Ghosh – Muscle Matthew Gore

t. 93, REVIEWS, August 2018

John Adams, Rumpelstiltskin Blues. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell. Fleur Adcock, Hoard. Reviewed by Catherine Fitchett. Airini Beautrais, Flow. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell. Michael Belgrave, Dancing with the King: The Rise and Fall of the King Country, 1864-1885. Reviewed by Michael Reilly. Michael Botur, Lowlife, Short Stories. Reviewed by Jeremy Roberts. Janet Charman, Surrender. Reviewed by