Poetry selections complete for takahē 86

Format Status

“The Arts – Poetry” by Alfonse MuchaAll the selections for the poetry component of the next issue have been made, and sent off to the tender ministrations of our layout designer, Peter Fitchett. (Yep, all this stuff happens quite a while in advance of the publication date of the issue.)

Our guest poet for takahē 86 is Robert Sullivan, and we have poems from fifteen contributors, ranging geographically from Otago to Auckland, via Scotland. It’s looking like a very interesting issue, with a real mix of topics. There’s a slightly higher-than-average number of humorous poems, and quite a few examples of formal work (what can I say – I’m a sucker for both, done well).


Poetry in takahē 85

“Lucrezia as Poetry” by Salvator RosaAny day now, the most recent issue of takahē – #85 – should be arriving in letterboxes all over the country. I hope it pleases you as much as it pleases us, especially in the wake of having to cancel the winter issue of the magazine.

The guest poet is ex Poet Laureate, Vincent O’Sullivan, who has a delicious offering of eight poems – you can read one, the lovely Anniversary, here. One thing to mention is that Vincent made a small change in the poem in the time between us sending the issue off to the printers and the writing of this post. The version here on the website is his corrected version. (Be interesting to see if anyone notices what it is that has changed …)

We also have the winning and second placed poems from this year‘s Poetry Competition (you can read the judge’s report here), as well as the work of twelve other poets, hailing from places as various as Toronto (Canada), Tauranga, New Plymouth, Hastings, Palmerston North, and Wanaka. (Not to mention Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.)

T85 iconIn the New Year I’ll be posting about one of the poems in this issue in a bit more detail, and talking about what it was in that poem that made me choose it. Until then, have a wonderful summer break, and may your reading time be long, luxurious, and heavily based on takahē!