takahē 97 – December 2019

Editorial: Michelle Elvy
Guest Art: Robert Hood
t Fiction: Tracey Slaughter
Guest Poetry: Fleur Adcock

takahē Monica Taylor Poetry Prize Judges Report and Results



Tracey Slaughter – What You Don’t Know
Melanie Dixon – three stories
David Marris – Ghosts of the Nor’west
Taemumu Richardson – Empire Developments’ Show Home
Christopher Linforth – brb
Jordana Connor – Vigilance
Anna Woods – Black Ice
Mary Pomfret – Three stories
George Colenso – The Melting Point of Water
Tom Cunningham – The Lucky Ones
Arya-Mehr Oveissi – Migration Is for the Birds


Fleur Adcock – seven poems
Ruth Arnison – The Middle Ages
Tony Beyer – two poems
Cindy Botha – That summer
M L E Brown – Alzheimer’s
Doc Drumheller – No Man’s Land
Christine Evans-Millar – OOPH(orectomy)
Maryana Garcia – Analogies
Amanda Hunt – Christmas in Bethlehem
Susan Jacobs – Ode to Ancestry.com
Sarai McKay – Baptism prayer
Lissa Moore – two poems
James Owens – two poems
I K Paterson – As I fly across the wide Pacific
Jade Riordan – two poems
Nigel Skjellerup – Adib Saving Alen
Elizabeth Smither – two poems
Jasmine O M Taylor – Ninox
Vivienne Ullrich – Three Evening Poems from the Floating World
Carl Walsh – the boy

Art and Essays:

Hamish Win – future sectional carbonised stomach compulsion earth pathology
Jeremy Roberts – Remembering an Auckland Sun


Cover image: future statistical carbonized earth pizza pathology nomadism (2019), wood, stainless steel, PVC, Robert Hood.

Published by: The Takahē Collective Trust, PO Box 13-335, Christchurch 8141, New Zealand.
Chair: Dr Jeni Curtis.  Art/Essays Editor: Andrew Paul Wood. Fiction Editor: Zoë Meager. Poetry Editors: Gail Ingram and Jeni Curtis. Reviews Editor: Michelle Elvy. Secretary: Kaye Gilhooley. Treasurer: Sally Carrol. Competitions Secretary: Jane Seaford. Database/Layout: Shannon Beynon. Proofreader: Mary Cresswell. Associate: Erik Kennedy. Web Manager: Brad McNeur.