Sile Mannion

Sile Mannion is an Irish writer living in New Zealand.  When she can, she writes; when she can’t, she reads.  In between she is known to ukulele, even while warbling.

Mission Statement: Only connect.



My body thrums a quiet hive
Sweat beads rising heat a quiet furnace
On the surface of sleep I dream of a man
A colossus rising above me in the moonlight
Flesh firm and cool as stone
Sculpted and finely drawn
The long lean lines of him lovely
lightly furred and shining
The hair on him live to my touch
I wake then my own hand between my legs
Swollen slick  plump and briny as an oyster
Flushed fierce burnished with the want of this man
that is not yet nor ever was

My husband snores gentle beside me
Wrapped in his own dream he is no colossus
Above all things faithful he is before and after
I fold back into him stirring now rising to my touch
A familiar hardness sheathed in skin silken fine as chamois
I take him in a gliding move guiding him
home with a quiet humming sigh
Such safety in his body in mine