Rose Whitau

Rose Whitau  (Ngai Tahu, Waitaha, Kati Mamoe, Pakeha), lives in Australia with her partner, 9 month old son, and dog. An archaeologist by trade, she has poems published in Turbine and Landfall.






I hate Rubens for painting my husband’s hand
so that he dragged me from the darkness
by my mons Veneris, in vivacious Baroque
as if Ovid’s sputtering torches weren’t enough.
Oh! that I could blow smoke in his eyes,
it’s all hymen to those men. 

At least Sisyphus and Tantalus got to do something
I just didn’t see the damn snake, still
it was better for me than Persephone
I only missed out twice
she tweets #metoo every vernal equinox


When Australia held candles and sang
a collective lyre to call her back,
were the cheeks of fierce Eumenides
wet with tears for Eurydice Dixon?
They say she did everything right, yet
#notallmen desecrated her memorial.

At least Rubens painted my hair nice