Jilly O’Brien

Jilly O’Brien is a poet and psychologist living in Ōtepoti/Dunedin. Jilly has had poems published in Landfall, Catalyst, takahē, The Spinoff, The ODT, Blackmail Press and in anthologies in both NZ and the UK.




Buddha lives in Roxburgh


just down from Jimmy’s pies
on Smith Street.
A mince and cheese pie
plus a squashed fly slice
is what he has every day
sitting cross legged
watching holiday
cars cross the central white line
and the leaves change colour
over time

Buddha likes to blow on his pie
pumping his belly to expel old air
that he can see hanging
in the cold air
still sitting he covers his golden belly
with a pyramid pile of stonefruit
ready ammunition against
incoming inches long ice needles
when he needs to wear more than
just peaches