Allison Li

Allison Li was born in China but is a kiwi at heart and calls Auckland her home. Her writing has been published in various journals, including Landfall, Blackmail Press, The Cortland Review and Pif Magazine.




The preserved egg
lights up like a small lantern
under the florescent light
but not translucent enough
to be Snow White’s coffin 
I crush it between my fingers
smear its pungent crème
the taste of shame
across my tongue 
while rocking to and fro
on the balls of my feet

There is a kind of apple
that makes us putrefy
from the inside
the venom is deep
I can’t tell if the white-coated
prince is feeding me poison
or salvation in a bottle
He won’t set us free
no matter how much I plead
or shout at the top of my voice
I trace the jagged landscape
on my forearm–

How are we supposed to get
to that lonely star from here?