takahē 95 – April 2019

Editorial: Andrew Paul Wood
Guest Art: Kim Lowe
t Fiction: Frankie McMillan
Guest Poetry: Simone Kaho





Frankie McMillan – Seven stories
Katy Lee – An Artist’s Impression of Hattie Sullivan 
Elizabeth Ho – Buffering
Kathryn van Beek – Heterochromia
Rachel J Fenton – Three stories
Leanne Radojkovich – How’s Your Glass?
Scott Menzies – The Alpha
Kaye Gillhooley – Debutante
Matthew Scott – Sunset on Red Soil
Mersey Lassen – Afterlife
Matthew Harris – Why I was late: birds and water  


Simone Kaho – Nine poems
Anita Arlov – Two poems
Peter Bakowski – A sonnet for New Zealand poet, James Brown
Liz Brezlin – Google Assistant with the feminists
David Eggelton – The Wall
Paula Harris – Two poems
Jenna Heller – Two poems
Susan Howard – A Muriel Spark Life
Maria Y Ji – Bad News Breaking
Megan Kitching – The Horses
Hugh McMillan – Two poems
Sarah Penwarden  Conversion
Stuart A Paterson – Two poems
Robynanne Milford – Sunder
Tim Saunders – Scrubbed
Fiona Stevens – the time machine: an alternative holter monitor account
David Taylor – realisations of the impercipient
Dani Yourukova – Two poems

Art and Essays:
Ruth Agnew – Red Threads: The Art of Kim Lowe
Sandra Arnold – Takahē: When the Bird Hatched



Cover image: Dragon Dream II (2018), embossed relief print, Kim Lowe.

Published by: The Takahē Collective Trust, PO Box 13-335, Christchurch 8141, New Zealand.
Art Editor: Andrew Paul Wood. Chair: Dr Jeni Curtis. Competitions Secretary: Jane Seaford. Database: Louise Waghorn. Essays Editor: Andrew Paul Wood. Fiction Editor: Zoë Meager. Poetry Editors: Gail Ingram and Jeni Curtis. Proofreader: Mary Cresswell. Reviews Editor: Michelle Elvy. Treasurer: Erik Kennedy. Webmaster and Online Layout: Brad McNeur.