takahe 94– December 2018

Editorial: Zoë Meager
Guest Art: Tyne Gordon
Guest Fiction: Iona Winter
Guest Poetry: Bryan Walpert


2018 Monica Taylor Poetry Prize Results
2019 Short Story Competition


Iona Winter – Grannie
Nat Baker – Get Delicious
Heather Elder – Number Fourteen
John Ewen – Knocking Off
Andrea Ewing – Paua
Robert Kostuck – The Fifth Weapon
Joe Parker – Avalanche
Kate Railton-Jacks – The Island
Maria Samuela – Plaza de Toros
Jem Thompson – I Want to See You Sweat
Joseph Williams – Stolen
Sharni Wilson – On the Seventh Day


Bryan Walpert – selected poems
John Allison – A question raised by archaeology
Tony Beyer – two poems
Marisa Cappetta – My mother like a bird
Shirley Eng – Christchurch
Jess Fiebig – Te Anau
Jane Frank – Ghost Hill
Brett Gartrell – two poems
Isabelle McNeur – Blood Buzz
Michael Mintrom – Hampton
Keith Nunes – two poems
Sugu Pillay – You’re Standing On It
Essa May Ranapiri – we make just as much impact I would like to think
Brett Reid – Laundry Day (Leaving Stewart Island/Rakiura by Ferry)
Gillian Roach – Three Day Trial
Chris Stewart – the cannibal
Nicola Thorstensen – Year of the Dog
Janet Wainscott – two poems
Susan Wardell – two poems
Mercedes Webb-Pullman – Where are the 60s cabaret stars?

Art and Essays:
Barbara Garrie – Shifting Sediments: New Works by Tyne Gordon
Michael Harlow – The Prose Poem, the prose that is in poetry


Cover image: Heavy Breather (2018), Tyne Gordon

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