Rosana Vakatini

Rosana Vakatini originally from Wellington, New Zealand lives in Perth Western Australia.  She is a secondary English teacher and researcher. She has decided to honour her love of writing and is working towards a collection of poems.

My writing is inspired by the strong oral story-telling traditions of my family and the need to explore my connection to time and place.  ‘Inheritance’ is an example of this exploration and homage to some very strong women.



If you could take all those Marys
and stand them end to end
they would go some distance.
A relay of skirts and wind-tossed hair,
who knows what they could do together?
A parliament of meddlers, do-gooders and wit,
their sharply branded words like a southern wind.
One long sigh for children lost
and men that could not be.
I have a bit of each of them,
a trailing mitochondrial stay in my ribcage,
holding me upright, keeping me here.