Lynette Thorstensen

Lynette Thorstensen is a New Zealander who has lived for ten years in the Auvergne, France. Her poetry has been published in Landfall and Southerly magazine in Australia. She will launch a new collection in English and French in October 2018.

As a long-time expatriate, much of my work is about living in a foreign culture. My writing delves into notions of loss coupled with the richness of an outsider’s view. I also write about nature and its fragility.


To let go

you walked with me this morning
in the woven grasses of a slow beginning

each mossy step known to this place of yours
its rusty lichen stubborn bush and lost trinkets

you call to the eagles as you have since boyhood
antidote to the grunge of a provincial town
yesterday, clanking home in the bus I saw
two half drunk Coke bottles, jaunty at the edge

of our field. they were still there this morning paired
and complicit. what if I no longer stroke your head

finding (at last) the courage
to see you on your way?