Devin Guthrie

Devin Guthrie is an emerging writer whose work has won the James F. Parker prize twice for poetry and once for short fiction. He graduated from The University of Texas with a Psychology B.A. and Certificate in Creative Writing.

Devin writes because he doesn’t know what else to do with his life, and he fervently hopes he will never need to learn. 


To Aeropsia

All the acne on my back
is scraped off
& swapped for flattering scabs

My white nightshirt is polka-dotted
pink, my favorite color!

In the musty air my scratch-&-swirl confetti scalp
forms rings of dust
around rims of tea cups
& on the things I don’t touch

The dust makes sharp things softer

Your skin was smooth as swallowtails’ wings
the first time we touched
I felt pinpricks
in my fingertips
for hours after



Between the Lines

just beyond the serifs’ tips
the point where black meets blank
you place your palms against the slenderest
embryo walls
feel the longing deep
below your jaw
paper-thin, veiny with ink
you suck the skin between your teeth
& bite

words shred like crescent rolls
you fall through