takahe 92 – April 2018


Editorial: Jeni Curtis

Guest Art: Doc Ross
Guest Fiction: Heather McQuillan
Guest Poetry: Michael Harlow

Competitions: 2017 Short Story Competition Results


Bonnie Etherington – The Desert Road
Brie Sherow – Manzaliña
Diana Duckworth – Romilly & Flawdinall
Elizabeth Bruce – Gas Station
Heather Elder – Beautiful Night
Heather McQuillanAn Epiphany of Gravity
Helen McNeil – We Means All of Us
Jann-Marie Ross – Kids Can Do Anything
Kate Mahony – Running
Katharine Derrick – The Auburn Trail
Stephen O’Connor – Another Sky
Suvi Mahonen – Coming Home

Michael Harlow six poems
Wes Lee – One Summer: Orcas in the Bay
Ivy Alvarez – two poems
Sol Eleda – One Summer: Orcas in the Bay
Bibhu Padhi – New Place
Victor BillotAlternative titles for an imaginary airport bookstore
Martha Morseth – Funeral Cakes
Zoë Little – Hydro/Happy
Katrina Larson – Afterwards
Vivienne Ullrich – Oma Rosenbaum 1942
Reuben Garrett-Walker – Burdened
Keith Nunes – Rolling down from the apex
Philomena JohnsonThe Island Hunkers Down
Ruth Corkill – two poems
Lorraine Ritchie – Thunderbird house
Tony Beyer – Humid weeks
Owen Marshall – Dark Woman’s Smile
Alison Denham – A Wave Comes to Dinner
Siobhan Harvey – Two Céilidhs, One Day
Mary Cresswell – King Tide
Jess Fiebig – Panic
Amanda Hunt – Requiem
Gail Ingram – Wife watches husband read The Press
Paula Harris – one poem
Susan Wardell – What Yellow Means
Brian Johnstone – three poems

Art and Essays
Doc Ross – Interview
       Monica Macansantos – The Gift of Connection


Michalia Arathimos, Aukati. Reviewed by Elizabeth Coleman
Leonard Bell, Strangers Arrive: Émigrés and the Arts in
New Zealand, 1930–1980.
Reviewed by Cassandra Fusco
A N Arthur, Orphanage Boys. Reviewed by Brenda Allen
Victor Billot, Ambient Terror. Reviewed by Shelley Chappell
Anthony Byrt, This Model World, Travels to the Edge of
Contemporary Art.
Reviewed by Felicity Milburn
Kate Camp, The Internet of Things. Reviewed by Jessie Neilson
Jenny Coleman, Polly Plum, A firm and earnest woman’s advocate,
Mary Ann Colclough 1836–1885.
Reviewed by Jeni Curtis
Mary Cresswell, Field Notes. Reviewed by Jessie Neilson
Richard Cuthbert, Seabirds beyond the Mountain Crest, The history,
natural history and conservation of Hutton’s shearwater.

Reviewed by Mary Cresswell
Elisabeth Easther, editor, Bird Words:
New Zealand Writers on Birds.
Reviewed by Mary Cresswell
Vivianne Flintoff, Kiwi on the Camino:
A Walk that Changed My Life.
Reviewed by Mary Cresswell
Peter Gossage, How Maui Slowed the Sun. Reviewed by Anna Smith
Amy Hempel, Guest Editor, The Best Small Fictions 2017.
Foreword by Tara L. Masih, Series Editor. Reviewed by Jessie Neilson
Thalia Henry, Beneath Pale Water. Reviewed by Shelley Chappell
John Howell, Homeless. Reviewed by Jessie Neilson
Landfall 233, 70th anniversary edition,
edited by David Eggleton.
Reviewed by Patricia Prime
Kirsten McDougall, Tess. Reviewed by Elizabeth Coleman
Margaret Mahy, The Christmas Tree Tangle.
Illustrated by Sarah Davis. Reviewed by Anna Smith
Emily Perkins and Chris Price, editors. The Fuse Box:
Essays on Writing from Victoria University’s International
Institute of Modern Letters.
Reviewed by Shelley Chappell
Mark Pirie, Rock & Roll: Selected Poems in Five Sets.
Reviewed by Carolyn McCurdie
Sarah Quigley, The Suicide Club. Reviewed by Anna Smith
Victor Rodger, Black Faggot and other plays.
Reviewed by Brenda Allen
Elspeth Sandys, Casting Off, A memoir (vol. 2).
Reviewed by Janet Wainscott
Laura Solomon, Brain Graft. Reviewed by Jeremy Roberts
Sport 45, edited by Fergus Barrowman, Kirsten McDougall
and Ashleigh Young, with assistance from Holly Hunter.

Reviewed by Patricia Prime
Philip Temple and Emma Neale, Editors.
Manifesto Aotearoa, 101 Political Poems.
Reviewed by Erik Kennedy
Richard Walter and Peter Sheppard,
Archaeology of the Solomon Islands.
Reviewed by Jacinta Beckwith.

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