takahe 91 – December 2017

Editorial: Rachel Smith

Guest Art: Marie Le Lievre
Guest Fiction: Juliana Feaver
Guest Poetry: Doc Drumheller

Competitions: 2017 Takahē Monica Taylor Poetry Prize Results


Juliana Feaver – Headlong to Hell
Elizabeth Pulford – The Long Path
David Hill – Vocab Test
L. E. Scott – Black Family Letter from Boston
Rachele Salvini – The Yellow Letter
Jenna Heller – Double Vision
Sue Kingham – Once Upon a Time
Nick Fairclough – The Tidal Island
Melissa Browne – On the Platform
Stephen Coates – Mortlock the Magnanimous
Nod Ghosh – The Suicide Trading Card Scheme
Karl Harshbarger – I Won’t be Gone for Long
Tom Baragwanath – Fennel
Hikatea Bull – The Rope

Doc Drumhellersix poems
Ruth Hanover – The Tent
John Allison – two poems
Glyn Strange – Eye Tricks
Les Wickstwo poems
Elizabeth Smithertwo poems
Ron Riddell – two poems
Kerrin P. Sharpe – two poems
Saskia Bunce-Rath – interview
Albert Wendt – Into the First Cold
Marisa Cappetta – My son is an aquatic creature
Elizabeth Kirkby-McLeod – two poems
Lauren Smith – two poems
Sarah Shirley – Led Zeppelin to Countdown
Leslie McKay – His White Singlet Luminous
Phoebe Wright – We should invent a new word
Andrea Ewing – Melbourne
Jessica Le Bas – Our World Is Flat
Chris Stewart – feathers
Michael Fitzsimons – two poems

Art and Essays
Alie Benge – Immigrant  
Maria Walls – Marie Le Lievre: Inside the Visible

Liz Breslin, Alzheimer’s and a Spoon. Reviewed by Elizabeth Coleman
Dulcie Castree, A Surfeit of Sunsets. Reviewed by Elizabeth Coleman
Justin Eade, Northern Rock Light. Reviewed by Jessie Neilson
Frances Edmond and Sue Fitchett, editors. Night burns with a white fire: the Essential Lauris Edmond. Reviewed by Catherine Fitchett
Johanna Emeney, Family History. Reviewed by Liz Breslin
Mandy Hager, Heloise. Reviewed by Cassandra Fusco
Jeffrey Paparoa Holman, Dylan Junkie. Reviewed by Liz Breslin
David Howard, The Ones Who Keep Quiet. Reviewed by Elizabeth Coleman
Tim Jones, New Sea Land. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell
James McNaughton, Star Sailors. Reviewed by Shelley Chappell
Jane McRae, Māori Oral Tradition He Kōrero nō Ao Tawhito. Reviewed by Michael Reilly
Bill Manhire, Some Things to Place in a Coffin, and Bill Manhire, Tell Me My Name. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell
Hannah Mettner, Fully Clothed and So Forgetful. Reviewed by Shelley Chappell
Elizabeth Morton, Wolf. Reviewed by Liz Breslin
Alan Roddick and Claire Beynon, editors, the unexpected greenness of trees. Reviewed by Jessie Neilson
Jane Simpson, A World Without Maps. Reviewed by Carolyn McCurdie
Philip Simpson, Tōtara, a Natural and Cultural History. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell
Valentina Teclici, translator and editor. Poetical Bridges – Poduri Lirice. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell
Pat White, Notes from the Margins: The West Coast’s Peter Hooper. Reviewed by Jessie Neilson
Damien Wilkins, Lifting. Reviewed by Jessie Neilson
Sue Wootton, The Yield. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell
Karen Zelas, I am Minerva. Reviewed by Carolyn McCurdie

Cover image: Marie Le LievreCharm Lore, oil, graphite, inkjet print and gesso on  wood panel, 600 x 600mm, from the series Bulletproof Falling, 2016.
Courtesy of the artist and Bartley + Company Art, Wellington.

Published by: The Takahē Collective Trust, PO Box 13-335, Christchurch 8141, New Zealand.
Art Editor: Andrew Paul Wood. Chair: Dr Jeni Curtis. Competitions Secretary: Zoë Meager. Database: Catherine Fitchett. Essays Editor: Andrew Paul Wood. Fiction Editors: Rachel Smith and Jane Seaford. Poetry Editor: James Norcliffe. Proofreader: Mary Cresswell. Reviews Editor: Cassandra Fusco. Treasurer: Erik Kennedy. Webmaster and Online Layout: Brad McNeur.