Rose Journeaux

Rose Journeaux is originally from North Canterbury and currently lives in Christchurch, New Zealand. She was a winner of the Blank Page Industries poetry competition (Leeds, UK) and was awarded second prize for the Leeds Writers Circle poetry competition. Rose has recently been published in Strix, a UK poetry magazine.

Rose Journeaux


The Never Lived


Who grew from mulch

in heavy woods

and yearned for light –

wispy build at 6ft height

fed from tepid grey

and all mist offered

who lingered ghost

behind dense trunks

of older fortune

who rested head inside the hollow

then shrugged up

a shadow

who never fed but shivered hidden

never bled translucent skin

rubber bones strung up

for heaven

but in his weight he only lost

the never gain of little lived

the scratching of the leaves

a something root gently lifting

from a shoot that never drank

in a wood that dripped into the night

from a ground that slowly sank.