Keith Nunes

Keith Nunes (Lake Rotoma) has had works published around the globe, has placed in competitions, been anthologised and is a Pushcart Prize nominee. His book of poetry/short fiction, “catching a ride on a paradox”, is sold by McLeods Booksellers, Rotorua.

My passion for writing poetry and short fiction is intensifying as I’m ageing. If this continues I might just explode.

Keith Nunes



On the border line


we edge around the smudged borders of her personality,

dare not be the ‘immigrant’ who mistimes an entry


we step unarmoured around deftly buried land mines

avoiding the inhuman glare that

turns children into pillars of salted peanuts


in the rooms of avoidance

plans for escape are whispered

and patiently, silently


until the inflamed has only furniture to burn




her amethyst eyes

are decided


her right foot

draped in Italian leather



the direction


will she leave the hat?

please leave the hat


the ‘welcome mat’ between us


“thanks?” she says


“for leaving the hat”


her shaking head

always the shaking head


How stripped is my valley


laden cows in the middle distance

boom and echo during a stealth bombing run of a hawk

chasing the last of anything edible


the Book of Genesis-sun beams streams of illustrations of

begetting and bemoaning onto the barren far off mountains


sedimentary rock


the crumbling-bone hillsides as though fighting for a view

of their ancestors

used to construct houses

for the scorched-earth herders


the feathered

fly the flag of the fucked-off,

beating against the blanched winds

and milk-fat tide

unable to find the lone tree

that resembles home