Tom Weston

Tom Weston’s most recent book is “Only One Question” (Steele Roberts, 2014).

“Apparition followed a chance encounter with Ozzy Osbourne on an Air New Zealand flight Heathrow/LAX”


He had died already, eyes
glum in that way of the living dead.
There was a thin intensity in

the gloom.
I passed through his stare, broke the beam.
He kept his own counsel.

At thirty thousand feet
the Prince of Darkness stood perfectly still.
He waited his turn,

eye sockets absorbing the black
of the midnight sky like a sponge would
drain your tears.

He waited quietly.
Only his eyes seemed to be present.
Which held a long stare.

Nothing to be said about it.
No language sufficient for those purposes.
Nothing, in the end, for either of us to fear.

First published takahe 89
April 2017