Robynanne Milford

Robynanne Milford has published Aspiring Light, Grieve Hopefully, & Songcatcher. Currently Milford is working on Finding Voice, Women on the Dunstan 1860-1880s. She is a retired General Practitioner in Christchurch




Watercolour winter

Dawnwater washes the hue she wears waking
This rise   leonine leggings hidden beneath granite skirt
mustard tote and boots matching   Last rise
was verdant and dappled   Ring worrying on the wrong finger
waisted by 35 years   not her writing finger
flashing a plume dashing off letters d’amore
thinking them poems   really they were
maydays   She hoped for return mail by dream
for rapid arrival   But glaze days
in chroma   and flick of the prism   leaves a wake
of ripples   just one more dilution
the whole aura dissolves
her figure naked   floating   in snow

First published takahe 89
April 2017