Reviews – takahē 91 REVIEWS

WELCOME to takahē 91, December, 2017.

We hope you will read and enjoy the contents of this issue – a sampling of some of the best creative and critical writing emerging from our communities.

Liz Breslin, Alzheimer’s and a Spoon. Reviewed by Elizabeth Coleman.   

Dulcie Castree, A surfeit of Sunsets. Reviewed by Elizabeth Coleman. 

 Justin Eade, Northern Rock Light. Reviewed by Jessie Neilson. 

 Frances Edmond and Sue Fitchett, editors. Night burns with a white fire: the Essential Lauris Edmond. Reviewed by Catherine Fitchett.   

 Joanna Emeney, Family History. Reviewed by Liz Breslin.   

 Mandy Hager, Heloise. Reviewed by Cassandra Fusco. 

 David Howard, The Ones Who Keep Quiet. Reviewed by Elizabeth Coleman.   

 Jeffrey Paparoa Holman, Dylan Junkie. Reviewed by Liz Breslin.   

Tim Jones, New Sea Land. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell.  

James McNaughton, Star Sailors. Reviewed by Shelley Chappell. 

Jane McRae, Māori Oral Tradition He Kōrero nō Ao Tawhito. Reviewed by Michael Reilly. 

Bill Manhire, Some Things to Place in a Coffin and

Bill Manhire, Tell Me My Name. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell. 

 Hannah Mettner, Fully Clothed and So Forgetful. Reviewed by Shelley Chappell. 

 Elizabeth Morton, Wolf. Reviewed by Liz Breslin.   

 Alan Roddick and Claire Beynon, Editors, the unexpected greenness of trees. Dunedin: Caselberg Press (2016). Reviewed by Jessie Neilson.

 Jane Simpson, A World Without Maps. Brisbane: Interactive Press (2016). Reviewed by Carolyn McCurdie.

 Philip Simpson, Tōtara, a Natural and Cultural History. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell.  

 Valentina Teclici, translator and editor. Poetical Bridges Poduri Lirice. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell.   

 Pat White, Notes from the Margins: the West Coast’s Peter Hooper. Reviewed by Jessie Neilson.  

 Damien Wilkins, Lifting. Reviewed by Jessie Neilson. 

 Sue Wootton, The Yield. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell.  

 Karen Zelas, I am Minerva. Reviewed by Carolyn McCurdie.