Jenny Dobson

Jenny Dobson

Jenny Dobson lives and works in Hastings and has written and performed poetry for over twenty years. She has participated in a diverse range of poetry events and her poem Matariki won the 2010 Time Out Sunday Star Times Competition.

“Mary was inspired by a search for the sacred feminine, not easy to find in our everyday lives and a distinct gap in our inherited theology. June is a response to a winter’s day walk in suburbia.”


I looked for Mary in Auckland
and found her, blue robe, bare feet

she was crossing the street
she wears glasses now

and bleaches her hair
I looked for Mary in Auckland

she was wearing men’s clothing
and a black silk tie

I asked her to dance
but she was downloading

photographs on her fundamental
phone and I danced alone

I looked for Mary in Auckland
I found her in Whitcoulls

the only woman on a shelf full
of gods, I paid $31.00

she was dressed in damson
had a knowing little belly


these gestures of winter
sculpting of branch

the way some houses
sit so adamantly
on the land

the bluntness of this season
take me into that

the bones, the knuckles
the base

First published takahe 87
August 2016