Andrew McIntyre

Andrew McIntyre

Andrew McIntyre lives in Havelock North with his partner and two sons. He works in the orchard industry. His poems have previously appeared in takahē and Poetry NZ.

“This poem was conceived cycling home from work at dusk and finished that night before I went to bed.”

This Particular Beauty

It is hard to determine where
this particular beauty starts –
whether it is the gold hairs
on my arm as I shield my eyes
from the sun, or the tender
grass fibrillating in the field
or the zillions of silk lines scattered
or the undulations of the field
or the smoky lilac foothills
or the mountains rising like whales beyond
or the clouds massing like illuminated men
or my eye wired to this scene
or my mind fused with my eye
lapping beauty like a tiger
lapping blood or my heart
bold as an apple clasped with flames.

True beauty is beyond me,
birds babbling in the trees –
water ringing over pebbles.

First published takahe 87
August 2016