T86 icon reversedThe last year at takahē has been characterised by some fearsome challenges but also a great deal of very hard work, and our mission in 2016 is to honour the fine legacy of the magazine by ensuring that we keep delivering all the things that are so special about takahē while finding new and innovative ways to expand upon our current offerings.

We hope that you have looked at our beautiful new website at www.takahe.org.nz (and are enjoying it now!). As we indicated in our last issue, we are extremely proud and pleased to be working towards an entirely online issue later in the year. Expanding our digital presence in a manner that complements our print magazine is a marvellous way for us to showcase quality writing – especially writing by, about and for New Zealanders – in a manner that can be seen and read anywhere, at any time.

The eagle-eyed among you will have also noticed that the Cultural Studies portion of the magazine has been renamed Essays, a term that I trust is less opaque and more indicative of the work I look forward to reading and publishing. You will have seen evidence of this shift already; Laura Borrowdale’s wonderful essay on travel, racism and identity in takahē 85 and Brigid Barrer’s piece on art, literature and place both reflect my interest in non-fiction writing that demonstrates a clear point of view and a sense of thoughtfulness and curiosity. You can look forward to essays in future issues that range in tone from the serious to the playful, and that look to our own backyards as well as the wider world. If you are interested in submitting a piece, but are unsure if it’s a good fit, then please get in contact – I would love to hear from you.T86 cover small

As Brigid Barrer writes in this issue’s essay, we are looking towards new horizons. What an exciting place that is to be in.

Erin Harrington
Essays Editor