takahē 85 – December 2015

T85Cover smallEditorial: Felicity Milburn

Guest Art: Adrienne Millwood
Guest Fiction: Jane Seaford
Guest Poetry: Vincent O’Sullivan

Competitions: takahē 2016 Short Story Competition
takahē 2015 Poetry Competition – Results & Judge’s Report

Jane Seaford – Living in the Wrong Place
Feby Idrus – Two
Richard Barnett – Artist’s Statement
Jan FitzGerald – Return Trip
Nod Ghosh – Avocado Light
Brie Sherow – Juggling Rubies
Hannah Davis – The First Thread
D F Smale – Four Walls
Eileen Merriman – Yellow
Sean Monaghan – Conductive and Flammable
Stephen Coates – Road Trip
S J Mannion – Sorry For Your Trouble
Gerard Parry – The Painter

Vincent O’Sullivaneight poems
Ivy Alvarez – three poems
Andrew McIntyre – four poems
Liz Breslin – two poems
Heidi North-Bailey – Monday
Eric Dodson – two poems
Tony Beyer – three poems
Sandra Morris – No Language but Love
Deirdre Thorsen-Lavery – two poems
Michael Hall – two poems
Paula Harris – Contributor’s Notes
Sue Wootton – Calling
Fiona Kidman – two poems
Jane Simpson – three poems
Jillian Sullivan – Summer with a ladder

Arts / Cultural Studies:
Laura Borrowdale – Hurry Up and Wait
Adrienne Milwood
Zoe Crook – The abstract is black and white

New books from Jolisa Gracewood & Susanna Andrew, Glyn HarperPeter Olds,Erik OlssenLaura Solomon, Ian Wedde, and Lesley Wheeler.