takahē 84 – April 2015

t84Editorial: Joanna Preston

Guest Art: Lonnie Hutchinson
Guest Fiction: Terence Rissetto
Guest Poetry: Rae Varcoe

Competitionstakahē 2015 Poetry Competition
takahē 2016 Short Story Competition

Terence Rissetto – The Harvester of Giraffes
Emma Timpany – A Bird So Rare
John Ewan – Web-site
Rethenwyn Grethenan – Living Memory
Rachel Smith – Brick and Tile
Michael Botor – Killers
Megan Frith – Scars
Naomi Richards – Two Brothers Dream of Roses Everywhere
Nod Gosh – Chapter five – The Magic Boy
Rupa Maitra – Cinderella
Laura Soloman – The Plight and Perils of a Modern Day Mermaid
Karl Harshbarger – A Cherry Coke at Pearson’s Drug Store
Dawn Marshall – The Last Momento

Rae Varcoenine poems
Jan Hutchinson – mistress of the nettles; Rita’s sketchbook
Siobhan Harvey – The Home Speaks; Shelter
Terry Locke – Intercession: A Villanelle
James Ackhurst – A Father’s Day Poem
Terry Greatrex – To Life
Joanna Fahey – The Phases of the Moon; Sonnet: Waikato Journey
Jillian Sullivan – four poems
Michael Harlow – The Book of Evidence
Elizabeth Morton – tomatoes; the butcher
Sean Joyce – four poems
Lynn Tara Austin – three poems
Gail Ingram – three poems
Reade Moore – Colourful; A Poem about Regret

Cultural Studies:
Stephanie Oberg – Black bird
Cassandra Fusco – Lonnie Hutchinson: ‘wrapped in the bliss of black’
Erin Harrington – Casual Wear Meets Cultural Criticism

New books from: Ben Atkin, Hinemoana Baker, Geoff Cochrane, James McNaughton, MaryJane Thompson, Reina Whaitiri & Robert Sullivan, Joanna Woods, and Matthew Wright.