takahē 83 – December 2014

t83smallEditorial:  Cassandra Fusco

Guest Art: nine artists
Guest Fiction: Francis Cooke
Guest Poetry: Barbara Strang

Competitions: 2014 takahē Poetry Competition – Results & Judges Report

Francis Cooke – Charles
Keith Nunes – One Night Out Walking
David Hill – Parting Gift
Eileen Merriman – Homecoming
Juliana Feaver – Princess Belle
Elysia Rose Jenson – Alien
Emma Timpany – The Wet
Karen Phillips – On The Pumps
Kate Mahoney – Freedom
Melanie Dixon – Marmalade
Shirley Eng –The Year of the Dragon, Billie Holiday, the Aphids and Other Insects
Suvi Mahonen – Being Me
Linley Jones – A Study of Insects
Adrienne M Frater – Cobwebs
Yen Nguyen – Saved
Nod Gosh – Names
Wix Hutton – Sex, Religions and Politics
Ash A. Hulme – The Taxidermist’s Son
Nathan Bennett – Loft Envy

Barbara Strang – thirteen poems
Nola Borrell – grace; how to have company on a long walk
Mary Cresswell – Samson; Consider the ant
Greg O’Connell – Hairbrush
Mark Young – Eid-al-Fitr
Marisa Cappetta – two poems
David Howard – Der Abend
Sophie van Waardenberg– How it all started
Robert McLean – A Lover’s Complaint; A Grunt
Helen Yong – three poems
John O’Connor – three poems
Elizabeth Smither – Ukulele for a dying child; Wearing fur
James Norcliffe – Delivery; The bag my mother filled
Elizabeth Robertson – My father is never lonely
Brian Turner – three poems
Michael Harlow – four poems
Jenny Clay – Ma Fiancée Blanche
Paula King – the sound of floating vessels
Geum Hye Kim – Trace; Artemis’ horn
Jane Simpson – Shigeru’s gift; Silent lullaby
Sandi Sartorelli – Wish No 29
Sue Wootton – three poems
Jim Arkell – John Parkes, Is this a Sonnet?
Ruth Arnison – What kind of language is this?
Winifred Kavalieris – Touchstone

Cultural Studies:
Patricia Prime – Bernadette Hall in conversation
Lois Farrow – Tokyo Tremors
Jane Seaford – Late, but not too late
Janet Wainscott – Into the Desert

takahē @WORD Christchurch Writers and Readers Festival

New books from: Raewyn Alexander, Charles Brasch, Zarah Butcher-McGunnigle, Dave Butler, Thom Conroy, Kay McKenzie Cooke, Alison Denham, John Gallas, John Gibb, Siobhan Harvey, Caoilinn Hughes, Siobhan Harvey, James Norcliffe & Harry Ricketts, David Howard, Norma West Linder & James Deahl, Anna Mackenzie, Cilla McQueen, Alice Miller, Clare Needham & Harvey Molloy, Jenny Pattrick, Vaughan Rapatahana, Elizabeth Smither, Andrew Strang, Julienne Schultz & Lloyd Jones, and Sue Wootton.