takahē 81 – April 2014

t84smallEditorial: Karen Zelas

Guest Art: Five New Zealand Artists
Guest Fiction: Pip Adams
Guest Poetry: Aleksandra Lane

Competitionstakahē 2014 Poetry Competition
takahē 2014 Cultural Studies Competition –Judge’s Report

Pip Adam – Pool
Joel Pearson – The High Road
Tracey Slaughter – the names in the garden
Shirley Eng – The Orange Rananculus
Karen Philips – Sea Change
Eileen Merriman – Vampire Kiss
David Hill – State of Grace
Marion Lucy – The Missing
Rebecca Styles – Breeding Season
Sean Monaghan – Scorched
Wix Hutton – A Handful of Ashes

Aleksandra Lane – Four Poems
Elizabeth Welsh – Sound clouds, Oh Chorus
Anna Rugis – You Try It
Nicola Thorstensen – Cathedral 2012, Mourning after
Elizabeth Morton – three poems
Jan Vernon – another day, Bon appetit
Philip McKibbon – A Painting, Leaving Otahuhu
Maryrose Doult – Naming, If Only I could be a Happy Stoic
Deidre Thorsen-Lavery – Scythe
Reihana Robinson – Most popular in Maketu, How I lost Peter
Helen McKinlay – Summer in the City
Audrey Cook – Strange Silence, Fox at Dusk
Pat White – Swelter, So many love poems
Madeleine Slavick – New Town
Kieran Doody – Clinton, Cipher
Keith Nunes – locust breath, picture this
David Taylor – Leaving Diamond Harbour, Reversing entropy
Sandi Sartorelli – The Gospel Hall
Kim Fulton – Ecclesiastes, chapter three, verse one, Passing Through

Cultural Studies:
Ludmila Sakowski – Why I Write, At Last 
Sue Wootton – A Linesman for the Country
John Ewen – A Different Kind of Life
Five New Zealand Artists
Wendy Williamson – Easter at Pigeon Bay/1955

New books from: Pip Adams, Amelia Feilden, Beverly George & Patricia Prime, Bernadette Hall, Elizabeth Knox, Saradha Koirala, Selina Tusitala Marsh, Paul Moon, Stephen Oliver, Patricia Prime & Margaret Beverland, Geoffrey W Rice, Jacinta Ruru, Janet Stephenson & Mick Abbott, Charlotte Trevella, Louise Wallace, and Damien Wilkins.