takahē 80 – December 2013

t84smallEditorial: Cassandra Fusco

Guest Art: Ruth Cleland and Gary McMillan
Guest Fiction: Sarah Laing
Guest Poetry: Harry Rickets

Competitions: 2014 Cultural Studies Competition
2014 Short Story Competition
2013 Poetry Competition – Results and Judge’s Report

Guest Writer – Title
Sarah Laing – Silent Movie
Elen Cox – We’re Having Such a Good Time
Liz Wilkinson – Buzz
Rachel Smith – Currents
Barbara Strang – Diary of a New Life
Suzanne Laidlaw – Bookish
Judy Lawn – Our Streets
Bonnie J Etherington – Another Side of White
Laura Solomon – The Faker
Rebekah Celestin – Magic Winter
Lindsay Wood – Against the Light
Sarah Penwarden – Art Class

Harry Ricketts – Thirteen Poems
Helen Bascand – Midas, How is it we keep returning to the forest?
Sarah Penwarden – Rain, Binoculars
Jan Hutchison – Plain Air, His unfinished symphony floats through Finland
Aaron Robertson – Complaint of the Otter King, The Luminaries
Karen Peterson Butterworth – family re-union 2, school lunches
Rebecca Nash – Look to the light, Dimmed down
Sugu Pillay – The tour
Marisa Cappetta – Three poems
Liz Breslin – Things, The photo
Jac Jenkins – Uncoupling
Linley Edmeades – Moutohora (Whale Island), Dragonfly
Jennifer Compton – Competitive Gardening
Kiri Piahana-Wong – Evening gossip about the weather
Alexandra Fraser – Apple blossom, to walk a tightrope you must understand
Andrew McIntyre – Three poems
Jan Fitzgerald – Antique honey pot, Holding a tuatara

Arts and Cultural Studies:
Sian Williams – Abductions and Retribution, Persephone and Madelaine
Steph Chalmers – Inland Empire: Ruth Cleland and Gary McMillan
Janet Wainscott – Just Words
Helen Hogan – Esther Glen, A Personal memoir

New books from: Kate Atkinson, Sarah Broom, Audrey Eagle, Amy Head, Paul Maunder, Vincent O’Sullivan, and Reihana Robinson.