takahē 77 – Summer 2012

t77smallEditorial: Karen Zelas

Guest Art: Mary Macpherson
Guest Fiction: Owen Bullock
Guest Poetry: Chris Tse

Competitionstakahē 2012 Cultural Studies Competition – Results
takahē 2012 Poetry Competition – Results
takahē 2013 Short Story Competition

Owen Bullock – Writing Home
Susan Kornfeld – Dreaming in the Sea of Cortez
Bronwyn Calder – Grey Ghosts Walk in Our House
Leah McMenamin – Jack, Now Gone
Zdravka Evtimova – Slowly
Sean Monaghan – Susan’s Ghost
David Hill – Beyond Measure
Gaye Sutton – Only Just
Rocky Hudson – Janet’s Diary Volume 21: After Dan
Lindsay Wood – Fishermen’s Knot
Gail Ingram – The Hanmer Half

Chris Tse – Three Poems
Miriam Barr – All Out Wor, Standing
Kristina Jensen – Keeping the Whites White
Andrew McIntyre – Waitarere Pity, The Tree
Elizabeth McRae – My Room, Elemental Smithereens
Emma Neale – Bad Housekeeping, Hunter
Anna Rugis – Sacred Ambivalence, Near Bed Experience
Rachel Sawaya – The Baobab Tree
Paul Schimmel – Mexico 2011, The Pledge of Cuauhtemoc
Vivienne R. Smith – The Lost Boy, The One Trick Pony Plays Poker

Arts and Cultural Studies:
Mary Macpherson – Old New World
Janet Charman – A Reading of four paintings by Marc Blake
Brigid Barrer – Canterbury Images
Dr Cassandra Fusco – Interview with Joanne Harris

New books from: John Adams, James Brown, Sarah Jane Barnett, Janet Charman, Geoff Cochrane, Mary Edmond-Paul, Jacqueline Fahey, Joanne Harris, Jan Hutchison, Anne Kennedy, Charles Lavery, Geoffrey Miles, John Davidson & Paul Millar, Emma Neale, Salman Rushdie, Brian Turner, Albert Wendt, and Karen Zelas.