T. 97 Reviews

WELCOME to the t. 97 REVIEWS, December 2019

Victoria Broome, How We Talk to Each Other / Reviewed by Patricia Prime

John Davidson, Petone Beach & other poems / Reviewed by Carolyn McCurdie

Bill Direen, Enclosures 4 / Reviewed by Anna Smith

Kate Duignan, Breakwater / Reviewed by Rebecca Styles

Kate Duignan, The New Ships / Reviewed by Janet Charman

Nicola Easthope, Working the tang; Saradha Koirala, Photos of the sky; Jamie Trower, A sign of light / Reviewed by Mary Cresswell

Scott Eastham, The Walled Garden / Reviewed by Patricia Prime

Lynley Edmeades, Listening In /Reviewed by Mary Cresswell

David Eggleton, Edgeland and other poems / Reviewed by Mary Cresswell

Laurence Fearnley and Paul Hersey, eds., To the Mountains: A collection of New Zealand alpine writing / Reviewed by Mary Cresswell

Alison Glenny, The Farewell Tourist / Reviewed by S J Mannion

Paula Green, The Track / Reviewed by Mary Cresswell

Ruth Hanover, Other / Cold Hub Press / Reviewed by Patricia Prime

Trevor Hayes, Two Lagoons; and Nina Powles, Luminescent / Reviewed by Mary Cresswell

Helen Heath, Are Friends Electric? / Reviewed by Janet Charman

Jan Hellriegel, Sportsman of the Year/ Reviewed by Jessie Neilson

Adrienne Jansen, ed., More of us / Reviewed by Tim Jones

Sam Duckor Jones, People from the Pit Stand Up / Reviewed by Piet Nieuwland

Erik Kennedy, There’s No Place Like the Internet in Springtime / Reviewed by Elizabeth Coleman

Vana Manasiadis, The Grief Almanac A Sequel / Reviewed by S J Mannion

Bill Manhire, Lifted / Reviewed by Patricia Prime

Bruce Mason, End of the Golden Weather / Reviewed by Anna Smith

Mary McCallum, XYZ of Happiness / Reviewed by Anna Smith

Heather McQuillan, Where Oceans Meet; Sandra Arnold, Soul Etchings / Reviewed by Rebecca Styles

Peter Olds, Taking my jacket for a walk / Reviewed by Brenda Allen

Geoff Park, Ngā Uruora / Reviewed by Janet Charman

John-Paul Powley, Kaitiaki o te Pō essays / Reviewed by Andrew Wood

Patricia Prime and Margaret Beverland, eds., Kokako 29 / Reviewed by Mary Cresswell

Tess Redgrave, Gone to Pegasus / Reviewed by Jessie Neilson

Julie Ryan, Last of the Halcyon Days /Reviewed by Carolyn McCurdie

Laura Solomon, Marsha’s Deal / Reviewed by Patricia Prime

Michael Steven, Walking on Jutland Street ;and James Norcliffe, Deadpan / Reviewed by Janet Charman

Lawrence Winkler, The Bolthole, a novel of New Zealand / Reviewed by Peter Brigg