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t. 89, APRIL, 2017 ‘Reviews’  

Nick Ascroft, Back with the Human Condition. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell.

Peter Bland, A fugitive presence. Reviewed by Elizabeth Coleman.

Alistair Te Ariki Campbell, Collected Poems. Reviewed by Patricia Prime.

Marisa Cappetta, How to Tour the World on a Flying Fox. Reviewed by Jessie Neilson.

Tony Chapelle, The Youngest Son. Reviewed by Carolyn McCurdie.

John Davidson, Visions of Valhalla, a poetic tribute to Richard Wagner. Reviewed by Elizabeth Coleman.

David Elliot, Snark, Being a True History of the Expedition that Discovered the Snark and the Jabberwock … and its Tragic Aftermath. Reviewed by Anna Smith.

Vaughan Gunson, Big Love Songs. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell.

Anne Kennedy, editor, IKA Issue 4. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell.

Danyl McLauchlan,  Mysterious Mysteries of the Aro Valley. Reviewed by Patricia Prime.

Frankie McMillan, My Mother and the Hungarians, and other small fictions. Reviewed by Janet Newman.

Emma Neale, Billy Bird. Reviewed by Elizabeth Coleman.

Chris Price, Beside Herself. Reviewed by Jessie Neilson.

Nicholas Reid, Mirror World. Reviewed by Elizabeth Coleman.

Paul Schimmel, Reading the Water. Reviewed by Siobhan Harvey.

Laura Solomon, Frida Kahlo’s Cry and Other Poems. Reviewed by Carolyn McCurdie.

CK Stead, Shelf Life. Reviewed by Patricia Prime.

Bill Sutton, Billy Button, a life. Reviewed by Janet Newman.

Brian Turner, Night Fishing. Reviewed by Patricia Prime.

Nicholas Williamson, The Curious Story of Harris and His Near Death Experience. Reviewed by Anna Smith.

Kiri Piahana-Wong and Rosetta Allan, editors. Small Departures: JAAM 33. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell.

Sue Wootton, Strip. Reviewed by Jessie Neilson.













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August 2017