‘Forthcoming Reviews’ August and December, 2017 takahē 90 and 91

Forthcoming Reviews in  ’ takahē 90 August,  2017.

t. 90, August, 2017 ‘Forthcoming Reviews’

Jane Carswell, Talk of Treasure.  Reviewed by Jessie Neilson.

John Dickson, Mister Hamilton. Reviewed by Patricia Prime.

Bill Direen, Enclosures 2. Reviewed by Erik Kennedy.

Brentley Frazer, Aboriginal to Nowhere. Reviewed by Patricia Prime.

Paula Green, New York Pocket Book. Reviewed by Erik Kennedy.

Rob Hack, Everything is Here. Reviewed by Janet Newman.

Tim Jones, New Sea Land. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell.

Gerri Kimber and Claire Davison, Editors. The Collected Poems of Katherine Mansfield 1898-1922,
Sarah Laing Mansfield and Me: A Graphic Memoir. Reviewed by Olivia Macassey.

Rebecca Larson, Hoe, hoe, hoea te waka Row, Row, Row Your Waka, Justin Kereama and Tania Solomons, Translators, Paul Inia, Singer, Richard Larsen, Musician. Reviewed by Cassandra Fusco.

Wes Lee, Shooting Gallery. Reviewed by Carolyn McCurdie.

James Norcliffe, Dark Days at the Oxygen Café. Reviewed by Olivia Macassey. cover

Stephen Oliver, GONE: Satirical Poems: New & Selected.  Reviewed by Patricia Prime.  

Alan Roddick, Getting It Right Poems 1968–2015. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell.

Jane Simpson, A world without maps. Reviewed by Patricia Prime.

Elizabeth Stanley, The Road to Hell, State Violence against Children in Postwar New Zealand. Reviewed by Marie Connolly.

Nicholas Thomas, Julie Adams, Billie Lythberg, Maia Nuku and Amiria Salmond, editors. Artifacts of Encounter, Cook’s voyages, colonial collecting and museum histories. Photographs by Gwil Owen. Reviewed by Garrick Cooper.

MaryJane Thomson, Songs of the City. Reviewed by Patricia Prime.

Alexandra Tidswell, Lewisville. Wellington: Submarine, an imprint of Mākaro Press (2016). RRP: $35.  Pb/flaps, pp380. ISBN: 97809941237906. Reviewed by Elizabeth Coleman.

Reuben Todd, The Poet Creep. Reviewed by Patricia Prime.


t. 91, December, 2017 ‘Forthcoming Reviews’

A N Arthur, Orphanage Boys. Reviewed by Brenda Allen.

Kate Camp, The Internet of Things. Reviewed by Jessie Neilson.

Dulcie Castree, A surfeit of Sunsets. Reviewed by Elizabeth Coleman.

Justin Eade, Northern Rock Light. Reviewed by Jessie Neilson.

Frances Edmond and Sue Fitchett, editors. Night burns with a white fire: the Essential Lauris Edmond. Reviewed by Catherine Fitchett.

Joanna Emeney, Family History. Reviewed by Liz Breslin.

Bonnie Etherington, The Earth Cries Out. Reviewed by Patricia Prime.

Mandy Hager, Heloise. Reviewed by Cassandra Fusco.

Shane Hollands, The Atomic Composition of the Seeming Solid. Reviewed by Erik Kennedy.

Jeffrey Paparoa Holman. Blood Ties: New and selected poems 1963-2016. Reviewed by Patricia Prime.

Jeffrey Paparoa Holman, Dylan Junkie. Reviewed by Liz Breslin.

Jan Hutchison, The Happiness of Rain. Reviewed by Patricia Prime.

Tim Jones, New Sea Land. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell.

James McNaughton, Star Sailors. Reviewed by Shelley Chappell.

Jane McRae, Māori Oral Tradition He Kōrero nō Ao Tawhito. Reviewed by Michael Reilly.

Bil Manhire, Some Things to Place in a Coffin. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell.

Bill Manhire, Tell Me My Name. Riddles by Bill Manhire, music by Norman Meehan, song by Hannah Griffin, photographs by Peter Peryer. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell.

Hannah Mettner, Fully Clothed and So Forgetful. Reviewed by Shelley Chappell.

Elizabeth Morton, Wolf. Reviewed by Liz Breslin.

Michelle Rhodes, Salt Skin. Reviewed by Olivia Macassey.

Victor Rodger, Black Faggot and other plays. Reviewed by Brenda Allen.

Philip Simpson, Tōtara, a Natural and Cultural History. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell.

Valentina Teclici, translator and editor. Poetical Bridges Poduri Lirice. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell.

Philip Temple and Emma Neale, Editors. Manifesto Aotearoa, 101 Political Poems.

Reviewed by Erik Kennedy. .

Helen Waaka, Waitapu. Reviewed by Olivia Macassey.

Damien Wilkins, Lifting. Reviewed by Jessie Neilson.

Sue Wootton, The Yield. Reviewed by Mary Cresswell.

Karen Zelas, I am Minerva. Reviewed by Carolyn McCurdie.



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First published takahe 90-91
August-December 2017