Fiction in takahe 85

Preah KhanIt’s a new experience to be able to post comment about our hardcopy magazine! Hope it enhances your reading pleasure.

In #85 we have a departure in our Guest Fiction. Jane Seaford, Fiction Editor, agreed to be our invited writer. Jane has a long history of success with her short stories, both in competitions within NZ and overseas, having several times been short- or longlisted for the prestigious Fish Competition. Her stories have also been read frequently on RadioNZ. It seemed a pity for you not to be able to read her writing just because she is an editor. In addition to appearing in the print magazine, Jane’s story, “Living in the Wrong Place”, is also live on this website for those who do not subscribe to takahe magazine. Go to the “Current Issue” page to find it.

Also live from this issue is Jan FitzGerald’s story, “Return Trip”. I particularly liked this story for its interior monologue and exterior dialogue. A story of family relations in another culture, with a defiant twist. Good beginning, good middle and good ending. It moved my emotions about.


Karen Zelas
Fiction Editor

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